Monday, October 14, 2013

Touched and Felt Exhibition up and running!

We are now four days into the show and it has been a very busy and exciting time.
Setting up all the quilts and other items  took a long time and  it has taken awhile to assemble all the price lists and information. We are feeling quite exhausted. But there has been  a constant stream of people coming in,  and it has been interesting talking about art and craft all day.
What surprised me was how many artistic people are living in our area, working away at home , not part of any particular group. They are all coming out of the woodwork to view the show and talking about their work, a lot of which sounds free and wonderful.
The first picture is a crocheted rag rug made of recycled sheets, made by one of my students
This van was seen parked outside the exhibition
Below, Adi's wonderful felted cape and hat, against a background of one of my 1880s quilts "Atlanta", with an exquisite double wedding ring quilt in the  background,
and below, one of  Megg's tiny felted pictures  photographed at the entrance door of the hall.

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