Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Post Exhibition Exhaustion!

Now we have come to the end of Touched and Felt and it has exceeded expectations. New friends have been made,  and as one visitor was heard to say, "everyone's talking about it". Each of the artists sold several items. We managed to cover the rent  with money donated, with some over for charity.It has brought us in contact with a lot of local artisans, and people are saying "When's the next one?" Megg and I are in a haze of exhaustion. It is surprising how tiring it is to run an exhibition, and you run on adrenaline and excitement a lot of the time. Now is the time to retreat home, clean my much neglected home, give my long suffering husband some attention, catch up on chores with horses and cattle, and water and weed the garden. The sewing room of course is a complete mess again with all the stuff from the show going back into it.
Once the dust has settled it will be time to think about the next challenge!

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Nanette said...

Hi Shauna

Lovely to see you at markets today and share a cuppa with you. Your beautiful cushions were a wonderful addition to our stall, and I hope the space sharing will continue.

I also hope to see a bit more of here, posting on your blog ! :)