Monday, January 2, 2012

original quilt designs

This is a medallion quilt design, intended to be in cream, grey and taupe, very subtle with just a small flash of red. I saw some lovely japanese quilts at the Houston Quilt Festival which were very understated in these colours. The central tree and surrounding branches would be appliqued. The outer border could be a striped fabric or could be pieced in the black, brown and cream.

this is another applique quilt design, I would make this with raw edge applique. The background behind the purple fronds is supposed to be turquoise.  
This pear design would be made with appliqued pears onto the blue-purple blocks, and these would be appliqued to a large piece of blue for the background, along with orange squares and joining dark blue bars.
These designs were all done with derwent inktense pencils, which are a coloured pencil  that becomes watercolour when wet, so you colour in the area then go over it with  a brush and water. Magic!

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Kitty said...

Fantastic drawings! Really, really great stuff! Love all the drawings esp the one of the sink, the dogs and the flowers.