Saturday, January 14, 2012

gingko shirt

this is our gorgeous backyard with old 1970s pool, and a new garden which I am trying to establish (all you can see is some ornamental grass but there are plumbago and geranium bushes there also.

this is my next "upcycled "item of clothing. A plain green check top from the op shop, was embellished with gingko leaves. I googled "gingko"and got some images to draw leaf designs, then traced them onto  fusible web which I ironed onto a nice yellow  and green   hand dyed quilting fabric from my stash. They were then fused to the shirt and  sewn around with zigzag on the machine, using  a variegated  machine embroidery thread.

My aim this year is to not buy any new clothing,  just adapt my existing items. There are a lot of clothes in my Mending  bag needing just buttons or taking in,
and some just need a bit of a lift, embellishing, and I will be  putting these on the blog as I do them.

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