Thursday, February 2, 2012

Miniature quilt nearly complete

My miniature quilt is nearly complete. I have added sashing and corner posts to the 12 foundation pieced blocks. It was  all very tedious and I think it will be my only miniature quilt. What was particularly hard was accuracy on the sashing. In retrospect this  should have been foundation pieced also as any tiny  error really shows up. Next step  is the quilting. I was going to hand quilt this in the ditch, but hand quilting is very difficult when there are so many seams and thicknesses. I did a few stitches then gave up,  so this will be a machine quilting job. It is destined to become a table runner. Miniatures are very cute but definitely for the obsessives among us. Having said that, it was good to do once!

I came across a great quote today, in a decluttering  and organisation website-
(with apologies to 'Me and Bobby McGee')
Freedom's just  another word for
Nothing left to do. 

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