Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My friend Dianne gave me a posy of beautiful gardenias, which start out a rich creamy white and go gradually to a deep golden yellow as they age.
My mission  for the week was to draw a series  of the same  flowers in different media  as they changed, one drawing per day.
This is number 1 - pen and ink, coloured pencil, Kids watercolour paintbox and a bit of pastel for the
white highlights.

 Number 2- pastel on black card. It is very hard to draw cream  flowers  on white paper, so I thought I'd try the black.
 Number 3 - kids watercolour paintbox and acrylics.  The gardenias are changing colour.
 Number 4 - prismacolour pencils.
By now my drawings are getting larger and looser.
Number 5 - my favourite. By now the gardenias are  a deep rich gold and starting to wilt.
Pen and ink with -prismacolour   pencils in 2 shades of yellow with some orange. I enjoyed varying the thickness of the pen line - see the closeup.
Number 5 close - up. Pen and ink and prismacolour pencils.

It was a very interesting exercise.

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